Boutique Campus of Deep University in China

A team of professors and associated deans seated in Southeast China is very interested in the philosophy of Deep University and the types of programs that it is organizing. The idea of creating their own boutique university is very appealing to them, with the same building style that Prof. Tochon recommends all over the world, with the purpose of engaging students in action in a way that helps them become optimistic, altruistic and knowledgeable, upon the idea that Prof. Chuang suggested.

Dr Jianfang Xiao and Dr. Xiang Long attended the First International Conference for Deep Education in Wisconsin, which impressed them very much. Dr. Shaozhong Liu, a famous scholar, is much interested to join as well. Through discussion they decided to set up a Deep University campus and launch its programs in Mainland China for spreading the idea of Deep Education. Here is the main information about the planned campus in Mainland China.

Dr. Long on Campus project
Dr. Long on Campus project

Location of the Boutique University Campus

The campus Mainland China will be set up in Suqiao Industrial Garden, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, which is near the bank of Daxihe River, a branch of Lijiang River, 8 kilometers away from Guilin International Airport, 8 kilometers away from the entrance of the High Railway Station and 1.5 kilometer away from the gate of the expressway.


The team plans to build a unique campus on a small a land on which acquisitions and constructions will be progressive along 3 to 5 years. They have sufficient money to invest in the land right at the start. They plan to launch the master or doctorate programs after signing the License agreement.

Dr. Long on Campus project
Team Visiting Campus Project

Support of the Local Government and Local University

The team is actively calling for the local government to support the programs in funding or policy. In terms of enrollment, they may first start Deep University program in existing university buildings in Guilin to be able to use the first three years of tuition to build the boutique campus. The new Boutique Campus should be operational at the end of the first three years. The relevant management work of enrolling and teaching students will be matching the guidelines and Quality Benchmarks described in this book.

Dr. Long on Campus project
Local University support

Guangdong site.jpg

     Supported by Deep University, Wisconsin, USA ( and guided by the Guilin Campus in Guangxi Autonomous Region, this Institute aims at attracting adult students, especially those young teachers to follow programs, M.A. and Ph.D. in Deep Education while still maintaining their teaching posts in home universities. The ideal geographical location of the cosmopolitan city of Guangzhou, well-designed online courses plus face-to-face teaching serve as a bridge between different cultures and are well geared with today’s international practice in Internet era.

Master and Doctorate Studies

  Students with a Bachelor or equivalent may apply for a Master degree.

  Students with a Master or equivalent may apply for a Doctorate.

  M.A. studies include 32 credits of courses and a Master thesis or a Master project.

  Doctorate studies include 36 credits of courses followed by preliminary examinations giving access to dissertation status and 36-credit phase of research.

  The cost of graduate credits will be at USD 500 per graduate credit.

  Registration costs USD 260 and it is valid for 3 years, including the international student ID card.

Registration Information

USD registration payment:

  Course payment on each course page:


  Mailing address: Deep University, 10657 Mayflower Road, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517 USA


Newsletter Subscription

Subscription to the Newsletter of Deep University can also be done by email:


The deep approach is about mindset and embodied action. It is about persons, humans, in the dynamics of living. It is something people want to live and work for. It is never fully achieved, it is always in the making, and depends upon situations.


Feel free to contact to get information on our programs

Address : 10,657 Mayflower Road, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517 USA

Hotline : (608) 437-7669

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